introducing the


by Van Den Hul




“This is a very healthy crossbreed between two of VDH most valued audio cables: The D-102 III HYBRID and The INTEGRATION HYBRID. Its versatility allows it to work as a balanced interconnect and as a microphone or music instrument cable.

Multi-strand Fusion Technology conductors which means that it has glass-like atomic structure like a non-crystalline frozen liquid and is free from inter crystalline boundaries, which are the number one reason for extra sonic harshness and harmonic structures in metal cables.

Highly protective against intensive use. Such consequences as internal material deformation or displacement could lead to a grainy and aggressive sound. Fusion Technology conductors prevent this from happening.

Hybrid technology means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing VDH Linear Structured Carbon®. Applied in the cable’s signal lines and shielding, L.S.C. uplifts the quality and performance with extra mechanical and chemical protection; prevents static electrical charges to arise from cable movements or other dynamic stresses (microphony) and further improves the cable’s shielding factor and noise immunity.

Armed with a mighty triple layer shielding. It provides perfect cable crosstalk rejection and maximum immunity to radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference in your audio signals.”


  • Material: fusion
  • Type: triple screened twin core (balanced)
  • Conductor material: FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Strcutured Carbon® saturated layer(s)
  • Eff. conductor: Cores: 0.27mm2 / Cores: ~AWG 23 / Cores: 12; Screen 192
  • External diameter: 7.0mm
  • Jacket color: light-brown
  • Resistance: Core: 0.28 ohm/m; Screen: 1.0 ohm/100m
  • Capacitance: 59pF/m
  • Characteristic impedance: ~110 Ohm (in balanced configuration); Allows AES-EBU standard digital audio transmission
  • Insulation: Cores: PE foam; Jacket: HULLIFLEX® /300 Vrms min
  • Connector types: VDH RCA type C – 7.3; Neutrik XLR; Neutrik 1/4″” (6.3 mm.) Jack/Phone plug; Custom mountable on ordered lengths