CEDIA 2017: GoldenEar Technology Debuts Triton Reference Speaker

Arlen Schweiger | September 26, 2017

Demo rooms can serve many purposes during a CEDIA show. They can highlight new technology, like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 4K Ultra HD, 3D, etc. They allow dealers to get some ideas for demo techniques and movie scenes/music selections to use in their own showrooms. They provide ample reason to rest one’s feet for 10-20 minutes and just be like a prospective client taking in the powerful performances, comparing one system’s products to another.

CEDIA 2017 filled the San Diego Convention Center with dozens of dazzling demos, whether they were held in the sound rooms toward the back of the show floor (by the food and restrooms, at least) or between the main show floor aisles. Booths big (Sony, for instance) and small (Next Level Acoustics still managed to crank up its speakers) alike had impressive A/V to play for attendees.

GoldenEar Technology

GoldenEar Technology’s Dolby Atmos demo featured a front LCR array of its new $999/each Invisa Signature Point Source speakers, Invisa HTR7000 height channels and Invisa MPX surrounds, as well as a pair of SuperSub X subwoofers. A Trinnov processor, Parasound amplifiers and Oppo disc player fed the speakers, which offered excellent detail and imaging for things like hearing wind whipping around Mount Everest, bows and arrows being ready for firing in Game of Thrones, and shell casings dropping in Unbroken.
“They’re very natural sounding, very dynamic, and they image like a bandit,” Gross said of the speaker setup. “They sound well with home theater and music. The cherry on top of the sundae is the music.” The Beach Boys’ “In My Room” with its rich harmonies and percussion highlighted that, along with a good mix of tracks that demonstrated similarly rich deep male vocals, female vocals, chamber music and more.


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