McIntosh Hybrid Drive

The Hybrid Drive is a McIntosh technology that answers a question the world’s most discerning music listeners have been asking for over 50 years: How can I enjoy the rich sound of vacuum tubes and the power of solid state circuits in a single, easy to use, and best-of-class product?

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Drive combines the smoothness and stereo imaging of vacuum tubes for the mid and high frequencies with the power and punch of solid state for the low frequencies. The result is the best of both worlds.

Special by Any Standard

McIntosh’s Integrated Amplifiers with Hybrid Drive have the “ability to connect the listener to the music,” making these tube-solid state integrated “a special component by any standard.” – Part Time Audiophile

No Guesswork

McIntosh’s Power Amplifiers with Hybrid Drive have built-in adjustable crossovers so you can optimize the performance to your listening preferences. Frustrating trial and error with an external crossover is no longer needed.

Here’s a few other products that utilize its vacuum tube + solid state principles: MC451, MC901, C12000, MA12000, MCD12000


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