Q Acoustics 3010i and 3020i: Best bookshelf speakers under £250

Expert Reviews | 28 Nov 2019

Sasha Muller | Nov 2019 – Q Acoustics’ 3010i and 3020i bookshelf speakers punch way above their weight – the sound quality is seriously impressive for the price. Instruments spread wide and deep, and there’s more punch and impact than the old non ‘i’ models could muster. You just don’t expect such a huge sound to come out of such compact boxes.

The 3010i are the smaller of the two, measuring just over 25cm high and 25cm deep, while the 3020i measure roughly 28cm along both sides. Both deliver a similarly refined, balanced sound, but the larger 3020i delivers deeper bass and just that bit more scale, presence and all-round wallop than the smaller 3010i can muster. We got great results even with very modest partnering equipment, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on amplification to get them sounding good.

Both are happy sitting on a bookshelf or window sill, and the company also sells wall mounts so that you can set them over your TV as part of a home cinema system. And, if you want to go the whole hog, you can also buy a second pair along with a centre speaker and subwoofer, giving you 5.1 surround sound – but just one pair these mini-marvels will be enough to fill most rooms.

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