Award Winning Loudspeakers, Without the Need for Bulky Amplifiers and Trailing Wires

Award winning loudspeakers,
without the need for bulky amplifiers and trailing wires.

 30 Oct 2016

For over 30 years, The Wharfedale Diamond Series has been the go-to speaker for entry level, high-fidelity sound. Praised for articulated performance at an affordable price, Diamond 200 series has won multiple awards, with What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision commenting on its sound quality as “Agile, far-reaching dynamics; overflowing with detail” (Diamond 220 – March 2015). With such a rich history of high performance combined with affordability, Wharfedale proudly present the Diamond Active Series. The new wireless bookshelf and floorstanding speakers incorporate everything music fans love about Diamond series into an easy to use package, equipped to cater for a wealth of audio sources with an innovative approach to wireless technology. Two packages are available – The Diamond A1 (bookshelf speakers) and the Diamond A2 (floorstanding speakers).

Unlike other wireless and active speakers where controls and inputs are often placed awkwardly on the back panel, Wharfedale engineers have developed a unique hub, which works as the central console for your music.

The Diamond H1 Hub features Optical, Coaxial and RCA inputs on the rear panel with an additional Bluetooth aptX connection for wireless integration of laptops, smart phones and tablet devices. It’s controlled gracefully via the touch sensitive display, or for even more convenience you can use the included remote.

Once connected to your source, the Diamond H1 Hub works independently from the speakers using the 5.8GHz wireless frequency band. Place it on your TV stand, desktop, or wherever you want, without the worry of speaker placement and trailing wires in-between the units.Finally, each speaker has stylised, rounded edges, wrapped in leatherette with a high-gloss front baffle available in black and white.
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