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Banana Terminal (pack of 4)

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Banana-style connectors are becoming increasingly popular with audiophiles who prefer simplicity and ease-of-use over more purist approaches to speaker wire termination. But are banana plugs always the best option when it comes to sonic performance? Fortunately, audiophiles who choose the more convenient option no longer have to accept sonic compromises when they terminate their speaker cables with Furutech FT-212 Ethereal Banana Terminals.

Quite simply, the Furutech FT-212 Ethereal Banana Terminals will assist audiophiles, OEM cable manufacturers and do-it-yourself hobbyists achieve the highest levels of performance while offering both the ease of use and the ease of installation of banana terminals. In fact, the FT-212s don’t even require soldering!

Furutech’s legendary reputation for meticulous engineering, which focuses on constantly examining every part of the signal and power path, is reflected in the following features:

  • 24K gold-plated Alpha pure copper conductors injected with POM resin
  • Low weight, low mass design which offers audible improvements in sound quality
  • Extremely insulated POM body with non-resonant SUS housing and non-magnetic stainless steel end ring
  • Non-magnetic SUS set screw construction design
  • Beautiful machining and finishes provide all cable projects with a highly professional and attractive end result


  • Specified for core diameters up to 4.2mm (8 AWG)
  • Specified for core insulation diameter up to 7.8mm
  • Dimensions: Housing: 18.0 x 16.0φ x 19.8mm overall height
  • Total overall length: 56.0 mm approx.



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