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Turn your iPod, iPhone, or iPad into an audiophile-quality player

Wadia created a sensation when they introduced the innovative 170iTransport — the first dock capable of bypassing an iPod’s built-in DAC and analog circuitry to deliver a pristine digital audio signal. Building on that dock’s success, Wadia worked their magic again and now proudly introduces its latest creation, the 171iTransport. This impressive new model is the first certified “Works with iPhone” dock to provide pure, bit-perfect digital output from the iPhone. It also lets iPad® users turn their tablets into high-end media servers, for enjoying the best possible sound and picture on a home audio/video system.

Serious upgrades for enhanced performance

Along with new iPhone and iPad capability, Wadia gave the 171iTransport some serious upgrades that add up to true audiophile-level performance. You get higher-performance power supply components and premium-grade circuit boards, for powerful dynamics and tighter, more tuneful bass. Plus advanced clocking circuitry provides vanishingly low jitter levels — you’ll hear greater transparency and smoother, more detailed sound. Wadia also added a beefy new coaxial digital output jack, as well as an optical digital connector for more hookup versatility.

Great video, too, and some cool extras

The 171iTransport features component video outputs on its back panel, which can be used to feed video signals to your TV. Enjoy photos and videos from your player with all the rich color and detail they contain. You also get an all-new metal remote that offers advanced control of your docked iPod, iPhone, or iPad — select tracks, albums, and even playlists with ease. Wadia includes an assortment of docking inserts for your specific iPod, as well as a special new wired dock adapter that snaps into the top of the iTransport, and connects to your iPhone through a short harness. This keeps an iPhone’s cell phone transmissions away from the delicate circuitry inside the 171’s chassis, and makes it easy to connect an iPad, as well. And like the original 170iTransport, Wadia encases this extraordinary dock in a heavy-duty cast aluminum chassis, with a handsome powder-coated finish.






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