SuperSub X

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Ultra Compact Subwoofer Speaker

Like the SuperSub XXL, the ultra-compact SuperSub X (just a little bigger than a 12-1/2″ cube) utilizes the same dual-plane, patented* inertially-balanced driver array, but instead employs two horizontally-opposed 8˝ ultra-long-throw active drivers and two vertically-opposed 10-1/2˝ x 9-1/2˝ planar infrasonic radiators, driven by a 1400 watt Class D Digital amplifier.



  • Dimensions: 14˝ W x 12-3/4˝ H (w/ feet) x 13-1/4˝ D
  • Frequency Response: 12 Hz – 250 kHz
  • Driver Complement: Two 8˝ long-throw high-output bass drivers, Two 10-1/2˝ x 9-1/2˝ quadratic planar infrasonic radiators
  • Amplifier: 1,400 Watt ForceField digital amplifier
  • LFE Line-Level Input: Unfiltered (no low pass), direct-coupled
  • Right/Left Line-Level Input: Variable Low-Pass from 40 Hz – 150 Hz
  • Fuse Size: 6-amp 250-volt slow blow fuse (110-volt version) 4-amp 250-volt slow-blow fuse (240-volt version)
  • Power Requirements/Consumption: Low Voltage Version – 120 V at 50 or 60 Hz/1400 Watts. High Voltage Version – 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz/1,400 Watts (Approved for NA (TUV) and the CE market)


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