Isoline 812

Call for Price

Active Column Array

The Fastest Route to a Professional Compact PA

Comprising of a column formation loudspeaker interconnected with a high-powered subwoofer with its own built-in amplifier and DSP, you can expect a full-range sound from a system that is easily packed down into your car boot with ease. For ultimate convenience Isoline comes complete with a built-in mixer and wireless bluetooth input.

More Connections Less Gear

Isolines’ built-in mixer offers complete control over 2x XLR / Jack combi inputs (with mic and line level) plus a phono input to mix a combination of backing tracks, live vocals, and instruments.

In keeping with modern tech savvy DJs and engineers with wireless mixers and controllers a Bluetooth input is also easily paired with your mobile device in seconds.

This also gives less experienced presenters an intuitive interface between a tablet or mobile device and the PA system. Either way – Isoline offers complete convenience.


  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 40 Hz-20 KHz
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB) 35 Hz-20 KHz
  • Sensitivity Maximum SPL @1m 124 dB
  • Input Sensitivity Switchable balanced mic or line level input
  • Input A (Line / Mic balanced) Mic: Line:10 dBu -60 dBu
  • Input B (Balanced) -10 dBu
  • Input C (RCA / Bluetooth) 0 dBu
  • Maximum Input Level 20 dBu
  • Input Connector 2x XLR Jack Combi, RCA
  • Input Impedance Balanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩ
  • Input A (Line / Mic balanced) 22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced
  • Input B (Balanced) 22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced
  • Input C (RCA / Bluetooth) 11 KΩ Unbalanced
  • Line Output Connector Female XLR
  • Impedance Balanced Balanced: 50 Ω Unbalanced:100 Ω
  • Power Supply High Efficiency Switching Mode Power Supply
  • AC Power Options AC Power Options
  • Enclosure Material and finish MDF cabinet, resistant black paint, metal grille, rubber feet handles
  • Dimensions (Unpacked)HxWxD 450x400x541.9 mm
  • Weight 8 kg







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