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Speaker Switching System

The WPR-26 is a sophisticated, remote controlled speaker switching system for in store demonstration and similar applications such as studio recording and paging systems.

Stereo/2 channel amplifiers can be remotely routed to up to 6 pairs of loudspeakers under high power operation for comparison purposes in a sales demonstration. The high power handling (3,000 watts plus) relays in the WPR-26 allow simple set up and operation without the complex routing of signal cables.

A front panel display indicates channel selection and selector buttons allowing direct selection of channels, whilst the remote control provides simple and convenient selection by the customer or demonstrator.

In many demonstration environments (show rooms) the electronics rack may often be away from the convenient line of sight in the demo area, making it hard to change speaker selection. To make the WPR-26 simple and easy to use, Wharfedale Pro supplies (as standard) a wireless IR receiver module WPR-26 IR with a 6m-20″ cable. The WPR-26 IR module also has a wider acceptance angle and may be useful in situations even where the main unit is ideally positioned.


Wharfedale Pro


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