Quad Vena Review

What Hi-Fi? | 05 Jan 2015 The Vena’s a solid effort from Quad. Greater subtlety could turn it into a brilliant amp Compact stereo amps are all the rage at the moment. Products such as the Monitor Audio Airstream A100 and NAD D 3020 have been a breath of fresh air, bringing clever design, smart […]

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QUAD Announces New Vena II Amplifier With DAC & Bluetooth

QUAD have just announced the QUAD Vena II integrated amplifier, with built in DAC and Bluetooth streaming.     Music in the blood Quad upgrades the versatile Vena integrated amplifier to deliver an even richer specification with pure musicality coursing through its circuits Quad, the distinguished British audio brand, is launching a new version of

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2019 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide: Floorstanding Loudspeakers $9,999 – $35,000

by TAS Staff | Nov 23rd, 2018 ATC SCM19-AT $9999 The active, two-way, tower version of ATM’s compact, passive SCM19, the 19-AT equals or betters the stand-mounted version across virtually all sonic criteria. It has superior bass extension, although its greatly improved low-end control and pitch definition are what truly engage the listener. Images just lock

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Quad S-2 loudspeaker

Ken Micallef  |  Dec 28, 2017 One of the better things about bookshelf loudspeakers is that they’re innately portable. Though not generally considered the sort of music-reproduction machines you’d bring to a party, a 12-step group, or a Burning Man rave (though you certainly could), high-quality bookshelf speakers are overlooked tools in the eternal work-in-progress of introducing

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Quad ESL Loudspeaker

Dick Olsher  |  Oct 10, 2017  |  First Published: Aug 1, 1987 High fidelity took a giant step forward in 1956 with Peter Walker’s introduction of the Quad ESL. Walker’s research efforts had been motivated by his firm belief in the superiority of the electrostatic dipole over the box loudspeaker, but actually to take the economic plunge and market such

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Quad ESL-2912 Loudspeaker

Robert Deutsch  |  Jul 11, 2017 If Stereophile gave an award for Loudspeaker We’ve Most Frequently Reviewed, the hands-down winner would have to be the Quad ESL. The list of past and present Stereophile contributors who’ve written about the ESL’s various incarnations includes John Atkinson, Martin Colloms, Anthony H. Cordesman, Art Dudley, Larry Greenhill, J. Gordon Holt, Ken Kessler, Dick Olsher,

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