SuperSub XXL

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Compact Subwoofer Speaker

Housed within the gorgeous piano gloss black enclosure are two horizontally-opposed 12˝ ultra-long-throw active drivers and two vertically-opposed 15˝ x 13˝ planar infrasonic radiators.
This dual-plane, patented dynamic inertial-balancing preserves and focuses all the energy produced by the transducers in order to more effectively move the air in the room, rather than wasting energy moving the box. It also enables you to hear all the fine subtle details in your recordings.



  • Dimensions: 19-3/4˝ W x 17-5/8˝ H (w/ feet) x 15-7/8˝ D
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 250 kHz
  • Driver Complement: Two 12˝ long-throw high-output bass drivers, Two 15˝ x 13˝ quadratic planar infrasonic radiators
  • Amplifier: 1,600 Watt ForceField digital amplifier
  • LFE Line-Level Input: Unfiltered (no low pass), direct-coupled
  • Right/Left Line-Level Input: Variable Low-Pass from 40 Hz – 150 Hz
  • Fuse Size: 8-amp 250-volt slow blow fuse (110-volt version) 6.3-amp 250-volt slow-blow fuse (240-volt version)
  • Power Requirements/Consumption: Low Voltage Version – 120 V at 50 or 60 Hz/1,600 Watts High Voltage Version – 240 V at 50 or 60 Hz/1,600 Watts (Approved for NA (TUV) and the CE market)


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