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2-In 8-Out Line Mixer – Splitter


  • Splitter 2-In / 8-Out
  • Main in (L, R) to XLR & Jack (combo plug)
  • Link out (L, R) to Jack
  • Out  1 to 4 in XLR
  • Out 5 to 8 in Jack
  • Level & Pan (for selection  Left, Mono, Right) at outputs 1 to 8
  • Can be used as a preamplifier or DI
  • Link in and out terminals for expansion to 16 or more outputs
  • 5-stage output volume level indicator on all channels
  • 3-stage input volume level indicator at both inputs
  • Adjust the volume level on each of the two input channels separately
  • Mounted in a 19 “rack



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