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6-Channel Rack Mount DI Box

Phonic’s A6200 SupremeDI gives you six studio-quality DI channels in 1U rack space.

The practical construct allows each channel to input to one 1/4″ TRS/XLR combo jack in the back, and output from either the balanced XLR connector in the front or the 1/4″ TRS phone jack in the back. The channel splitter function further increases the flexibility by splitting the signal of one channel into two channels. And, with the input attenuation selectable at -40, -20, and 0 dB, and impedance at 400k, 22k, and 2.2k ohms, the A6200 SupremeDI can easily deal with practically any type of input signals.

Illuminated function buttons and LED indicators provide a quick visual monitoring of the operation status. With these sensible designs on top of the clean and powerful low-impedance balanced output, SupremeDI is destined be trusted by performing musicians and studio engineers.



  • Professional and multi-purpose 6-Channel Direct Inject box for stage and studio applications
  • Split function allows two channels to share one input signal
  • Converts unbalanced line inputs to balanced outputs
  • Switchable High Cut filter (8 KHz) for guitar applications
  • Independent impedance match selection & Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems




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