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Enhancer/Exciter Signal Processor

Phonic’s A6100 Enhancer/Exciter is a dual-channel, rackmount signal processor that processes audio signals with a high-frequency exciter as well as a low-frequency enhancer. The enhancement processor boosts the low and sub-low frequencies, making the sound richer and more prevailing. The exciter boosts higher frequencies and makes the sound brighter, thus improving voice clarity and bringing out more details in instrument acoustics. Together, the Phonic A6100’s enhancer and the exciter make a great combination for effective operation in both live events and studio mix down.


  • Bass boost with single-frequency enhancement
  • Variable high boost range with adjustable exciter control
  • Channel link function
  • Bypass function
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • Relay-controlled bypass
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS connectors
  • LED meters and clip indicators for input and output levels
  • Operates with -10 dB and +4dB I/O levels




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